Export support to China - Vietnam

Successfully export to China and Vietnam, using a broad network, market research and product and service development.

We provide support in Vietnam and China exports by helping organizations create value where desired. In East Asia, value creation is directly tied to the network and relationships a company maintains. We maintain a very broad network of relationships at manufacturing, distribution and wholesale level. With the aim to connect you with the right parties and in this way enter the market together.

Transferring to China & Vietnam
Local knowledge and expertise

in Asia and Europe
Regional needs orientation

for successful exports
Over 15 years of experience

in factory audits
Brand engagement and protection
to ensure your quality

From export strategy to market research

A successful export strategy addresses local needs. Identifying needs at the regional distributor level is important. Together with the translation into the right product and services, these form the basis for market research.

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Exports that meet local needs

Many companies try to apply their existing strategy in new markets or opt for a standard solution. It is also popular to re-market products that have already been produced in China. This is because the Western European product is known for its quality and functionality. But if the product does not meet the local needs, it directly affects your brand.

EWD-Compass supported not only with market research and feasibility studies, but also with the development, protection and marketing of the product. Introducing a new idea or sourcing set up in China? EWD-Compass offers export support to China and Vietnam.


Exporting to China?

At EWD-Compass , we understand that every export business is unique and that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Exporting to China and Vietnam comes with strict regulations and compliance requirements. Our export support includes guidance on understanding and implementing these regulations so that your products meet the required standards and gain easy access to these markets.



From concept to reality: your export partner

At EWD-Compass , we understand that a successful export journey involves more than just identifying opportunities and developing plans. We'll guide you through the entire process, from concept to reality. Our support includes not only market research and strategy development, but also the concrete implementation of your export initiatives and China export laws and regulations. We also help establish crucial business connections in China and Vietnam. In short, we are your reliable export partner, and we are here to support you every step of the way to export success. Contact us today contact with us today and let us help you achieve your export ambitions.


Frequently asked questions about exporting to China and Vietnam

With the right strategies, market knowledge and expert support, it is possible to successfully introduce your idea into the markets of China and Vietnam. There are several approaches and factors to consider, including understanding local needs, building relevant relationships and creating value for your target market. An experienced partner can guide and advise you every step of the way.

With the right expertise and a strategic approach, it is possible to establish an efficient distribution network in the Chinese and Vietnamese markets. It requires a thorough knowledge of the local market, identifying suitable partners and building strong business relationships. We support and guide you in this process.

You will benefit from local market knowledge, networking and expertise from professionals familiar with the specific cultural, legal and business aspects of the Chinese and Vietnamese markets. We can help you identify opportunities, avoid pitfalls and build valuable business relationships. This maximizes your chances of success in China and Vietnam.

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