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We thoroughly assess our suppliers for production capacity and quality management so there are no surprises for you.

EWD-Compass offers the possibility of conducting a factory audit at your (potential) supplier in both China and Vietnam. Want to be sure that the supplier you have found is a reliable party? Then let us help you. As an experienced inspection company we visit the factories and assess them for you. Of course, you can tell us which elements you find important and we will do the rest. We offer this service separately from 475 eurosand is fully included as part of our import support.

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Factory audits and sourcing

As an experienced inspection company, we understand the importance of thorough inspections and plant audits to ensure the quality of your suppliers and products. We therefore offer our customers the opportunity to have factory acceptance tests conducted in both China and Vietnam. The factory acceptance test is a crucial step in ensuring that your products meet the agreed agreed specifications and standards. Want to verify the reliability of your supplier? Let us help you evaluate production capacity and quality management. By the way, we don't just perform single audits. Even when we set up a sourcing process for you, we take the step of visiting the factory and thoroughly examining whether it meets the required standards. In this way, we guarantee the quality and reliability of the selected suppliers and products. We understand the need for quality assurance at every step of the sourcing process.


Our approach to a factory audit

At EWD-Compass , we believe in the importance of a factory audit as an essential part of your supply chain management. Once we have identified suitable factories that meet your requirements, we schedule visits. If you prefer to visit the factory(s) in person, you are welcome to travel to Asia with us. We will assess the factories against various criteria and then prepare a comprehensive report.

Comprehensive factory audit report

Upon completion of the factory audit, you will receive a comprehensive report, including photo and/or video footage of our visit. This ensures complete transparency and assures you of the quality of the chosen supplier. We are committed to building strong relationships and fulfilling agreements.


Appointments and sample trajectory

As part of our full import support, after the visit and report, we will both need to be convinced that the supplier meets the requirements. The next step is then to make clear arrangements with the factories, and then we also recommend a sampling process start. This part is essential to examine product quality. We will only enter into cooperation if the supplier fully meets the product criteria, and we will verify this thoroughly and in every detail. Should this all be in order? Then the factory may start production and our quality control.

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Rely on EWD-compass for your factory audit

Our extensive experience in factory audits in China and Vietnam enables you to do business in Asia with confidence. We understand that your success depends on the quality of your supply chain, and we are here to further optimize it. Contact us today contact with us and find out how we can help achieve your business goals through quality assurance and reliable inspections.

Frequently asked questions about factory audit

Auditing can serve a variety of purposes. Often, auditing is used to verify that the organization meets certain requirements and standards. In addition to requirements, an audit is also used to assess the quality of processes.

A plant audit asks several questions to provide a thorough assessment of the plant. Some examples of common questions are:

  1. What is the size and capacity of the plant?
  2. What products are produced and what are the production processes?
  3. And what are the delivery times and flexibility of the factory?

A factory audit provides insight into the factory's quality control processes, allowing you to assess whether the products meet the desired quality standards. In addition, you get assurance of your trading partner's reliability.

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