Transportation to and from China and Vietnam

When you want to transport your goods to Europe, there are several options imaginable to arrange the transport: by sea freight, containers or LCL shipments, air freight or by train. Several roads lead to Rome. Or Rotterdam, if you prefer.

Sourcing producers in China and Vietnam

Are you looking for a good producer in East Asia? We can help you with that through sourcing. Thanks to our close contacts in China and Vietnam, we can quickly find suitable local suppliers and factories that fit your needs perfectly.

Support exports to China and Vietnam

We provide support in exports by helping organizations create value where it is desired. In East Asia, value creation is directly tied to the network and relationships a company maintains. The professionals at EWD-Compass maintain a very broad network of relationships at the manufacturing, distribution and wholesale levels. With the aim of connecting you with the right parties and in this way entering the market together.
Robot arm in a factory

Quality Control China & Vietnam

EWD-Compass has been providing quality control services in China and Vietnam for many years. We work together with a large group of professionals in the Chinese and Vietnamese markets. This allows us to move quickly and EWD-Compass relieves you of all your worries.
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Import support China & Vietnam

Together with our network of producers, both specialized requirements and efficient high production runs are within reach. EWD-Compass not only supports you with advice and know-how, but also plays an active role in realizing your goals. Our strength is ensuring that, at every stage of your development, you import high-quality products smoothly and without problems. And all this at an acceptable price.

Factory audit in China and Vietnam

EWD-Compass offers you the opportunity to conduct factory audits of (potential) suppliers in both China and Vietnam. Do you want to be sure that the supplier you have found is a reliable party? Let us help you. We visit the factories and assess them for you. You can of course indicate to us which elements you find important. We do the rest.
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