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We thoroughly assess our suppliers for production capacity and quality management so there are no surprises for you.

At EWD-Compass , we take quality control extremely seriously and are committed to ensuring product quality. Our expertise in quality control in China and Vietnam is based on more than 15 years of experience. We work with our own EWD-Compass staff and thus have a local presence in the Chinese and Vietnamese markets. This allows us to move quickly and completely relieve you of any worries in the quality assurance process.

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What does quality control entail?

A quality check at EWD-Compass is a careful and structured part of the import process, which begins with a detailed evaluation of your specific requirements and expectations. We work with you to determine the criteria against which your products must be evaluated. Once the parameters have been established and the factory audit has been conducted, we revisit the factory in question (possibly with you) to conduct on-site inspections and testing. This includes visual inspections, measurements, functional tests and, if applicable, European quality mark tests. During the inspection, all relevant aspects of your products are checked, including material quality, material behavior, dimensions, production processes, packaging and compliance with international standards. Our colleagues and external specialists collect comprehensive data and document all findings, including any deviations from established standards.


Quality control according to the AQL standard

Our quality control in China and Vietnam is based on the internationally recognized AQL (Acceptable Quality Level) standard, and we prepare a detailed quality control report with you. This report reflects your requirements and ensures that your products meet the highest standards. After completing the inspection, you will receive a comprehensive report from us that will give you insight into the condition of your goods. Everything in order? Then the next step is transport.

Transparency and your best interests come first!

At EWD-Compass , transparency is very important. We do not import or export goods ourselves, which enables us to operate completely impartially and objectively. Our priority is to look after your interests as a customer and ensure that your products meet the quality requirements set.

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Your trusted partner for quality control

Whether you are looking for specific quality standards or general quality control in China and Vietnam, we are here to help. We understand the importance of quality control in the manufacturing process and are dedicated to ensuring the integrity of your products. With our extensive knowledge and experience in quality control, you can do business in China and Vietnam with confidence. Want to know more? Contact us today contact us today, and find out how we can help you import from China and Vietnam.

Frequently asked questions about quality control

A quality control process in China and Vietnam typically involves inspections at different times, such as pre-production, during production and before shipment. During these inspections, product quality is assessed based on predetermined criteria.

If during quality control it is found that the products do not meet the required standards, action may be taken. This can range from rejecting the entire shipment, requiring repairs or adjustments to the factory, to negotiating refunds or replacement of defective products. Quality assurance is always paramount.

It is important to work with experienced and reliable quality control experts or companies with a local presence in China and Vietnam. They have the expertise, resources and experience to perform thorough quality control.

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