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Find the perfect sourcing producer under the guidance of EWD Compass.

Are you looking for a good producer and factory in East Asia? We can help you with that through sourcing. Sourcing is finding the right factory for your product.. Thanks to our years of experience and network of manufacturers in China and Vietnam, we can quickly find suitable local suppliers and factories that perfectly fit your needs and products.

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Let our sourcing network work for you

Our colleagues in both the Netherlands and Asia are fluent in Chinese and/or Vietnamese. This gives us a faster foothold, and we are able to communicate easily. When we start working for you, we first want to know in as much detail as possible what you are looking for, this is a crucial part of our import support. After a search of about 2 to 3 weeks we present a selection of existing as well as new suppliers and manufacturers. We will filter out middlemen and agents for you. Our network is spread all over China and Vietnam. As a result, we are able to offer you the very best option.


Good research is the key to sourcing success

We said it before: we start with your needs. So expect a detailed questionnaire with questions such as: What product are you looking for? What material? What requirements must the production meet? What are the specifications, any rejects etc. Using these criteria, we start our research and then select a dozen or so manufacturers. We test each of these companies against our strict list of criteria, based on 20 years of experience in the Asian market. We are experts in selecting the right producers to suit your needs.


Together we choose the perfect partner

When we are convinced that the supplier meets the specified product criteria, we submit it to you. Is there a suitable supplier? Then we carry out a factory factory audit at this supplier. You will receive a full report including visual material. Then we will visit the factory(s), if you want to be present you are of course welcome! When, after this visit, we are both convinced that the supplier is suitable, we recommend to start a sample process. This process is necessary to examine the quality of your product. We only enter into a cooperation when the supplier fully meets the criteria of your product, and check this down to the smallest detail.


Enduring commitment

We will remain involved throughout the import process and understand that finding the right producer and supplier is critical to the success of your business. Therefore, we will continue to work together throughout this process, from the initial sourcing phase to the final transport and delivery of your products. Our involvement goes beyond selecting the right manufacturers; we also oversee production and ensure that the quality is consistent and meets your requirements. Not only now, but also in the future.

Rely on EWD-Compass for your sourcing needs

With EWD-Compass as your partner in Asia, you can sourcing and purchasing in China and Vietnam with confidence. We are here to help you find the most suitable manufacturers and suppliers, so you can focus on growing your business. Our goal is to make the sourcing process efficient and successful, and we strive for long-term partnerships with our customers and suppliers. Want to know more? Contact us today contact with us today to find out how we can support you in finding the right factory for your product in China and Vietnam.

Frequently asked questions about sourcing producers in China

When you engage us for sourcing, we begin by obtaining detailed information about your specific needs and requirements. We then leverage our extensive contacts and short lines of communication in China and Vietnam to find local suppliers and/or factories that perfectly fit your needs in no time.

We begin our research using a detailed questionnaire that we prepare with you. In it, we include your product requirements, material preferences and other relevant criteria. We then select a dozen companies, each of which we test against our strict criteria, based on our 20 years of experience in the Asian market.

After we are convinced that a supplier meets our criteria, we present it to you. We conduct a thorough factory audit at the selected supplier, presenting you with a detailed report including visual material. In addition, we recommend a personal visit to the supplier. Only if you are still convinced of the suitability of the supplier after this visit, we recommend starting a sample process to investigate the quality of your product. We will only enter into cooperation if the supplier fully meets your product criteria.

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