Setting up a branch in China – Vietnam

Due to the digital age we live in, doing business remotely is easier today than ever before. Setting up a branch abroad is therefore absolutely worth considering. In addition, it is wise to keep a finger on the pulse of your international activities. 

The right lines & aware of laws and regulations

In the past, EWD-Compass was able to help several customers with setting up a branch or production location in China. And now we have the right lines for this in Vietnam as well. Because we work locally and are aware of local laws and regulations, we know better than anyone what it takes to actually set up a branch in East Asia.

We also help you with local employees

And are you missing an employee in Asia who could do your administration? Then know that we can help you with that too. We take care of matters such as administration and other financial matters in a professional manner and with a broad smile.

Curious about what exactly we can do for you?

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