Market Research

Market research 市场调查

Exporting a European product to China is a big yet exciting step to take. After all, it is a venture that raises many questions. Have you conducted an adequate study of the Chinese market? Does your product offer the quality desired by the Chinese market? Have you checked out whether there actually is a market for your product in China? Are you fully compliant with the local legislation and do you possess all of the necessary documents and certificates?

Thorough market research can save you an awful lot of money.

If you want to do business in China, your primary activity should be conducting market research. Thanks to an extensive business network and our professional staff in China, EWD-Compass is able to perform in-depth market research on the possibilities within your industry. In addition, we also inform you of the local laws and legislation and we put you in touch with the right parties.

EWD-Compass is your partner for:

  • Research on price positioning
  • Competition analysis
  • Exploring sales channels
  • Analysis of distribution opportunities
  • Information on local laws and regulations
  • Acting as an intermediary between governments and institutions

After the market research phase, it will be clear to you what your business prospects are in the Chinese market. EWD-Compass services are also available to you for further guidance and support on import or export matters.


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