Transportation services from and to China-Vietnam

If you want to transport your goods to Europe, there are various options imaginable: by sea freight, containers or LCL shipments, air freight or by train. Several roads lead to Rome. Or Felixstowe, if you prefer.

Information & the right contacts

We are happy to provide you with the right information and, if desired, put you in touch with forwarders. Although we do not arrange the transport ourselves, we are well aware of the elements that you should take into account. Besides sending your products, it is wise to keep a close eye on things such as import tariffs, certain documentation requirements and costs from the supplier. We are happy to guide you in figuring out all these elements. We are also happy to map out rates and delivery times for you.

Import duties
Is it your first time importing from outside the EU? And are you already familiar with the VAT reverse charge? If you are importing goods from outside Europe, you must pay 21% tax on arrival. However, you can avoid these advanced costs by applying for a reverse charge of VAT from the Tax Authorities. We are happy to help you with this.

HS code
Another important question: do you know which HS code your product has and do you know what the requirements are? You have to pay import fees for various products from China or Vietnam. We are aware of all such laws and regulations. So you don’t want to be surprised? Then ask us for help!

Curious about what exactly we can do for you?

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