Supply chain

At EWD-Compass we have all the tools and experience in house to be able to make a good prognosis in advance. In particular, we provide a good overview of the needs and capacities.

The chain steps
A large number of chain steps can be distinguished in the process from design to delivery. All affect the supply chain. Elements such as the available raw materials for production or the applicability of the end product in the local setting can already influence the design and delivery time of your product. The individual and bulk packaging determine the volume of the shipment. And the reuse of packaging affects its quality and, of course, its impact on the environment. Moreover, the weight of the product and the method of unloading are again important for the equipment/container. In short: there are many choices that have to be made at the drawing board, which ultimately determine the supply chain. We are happy to guide you in making the right choices.

Cooperation is key
In order to keep the stock affordable and sufficiently flexible, good collaboration in the chain is of great importance. We at EWD-Compass therefore continuously monitor the quality of the cooperation. The use of iron stocks on both sides of the chain and the spreading of production/distribution risk over several parties provides the necessary flexibility. It is essential to keep a close eye on the minimum order quantity (MOQ) and at EWD-Compass we also constantly look at the various interests of the various parties during the process.

Thoughtful risk diversification
We regularly work with both local and intercontinental parties. In this way we give substance to urgent shortages and deviating products. Moreover, by using the various methods of transport (express, FCL and LCL) we ensure that (partial) deliveries from Asia fill the threatening shortages. Risk spreading, as it were. Our account managers closely monitor orders and identify trends in production and transport delays. We continuously advise you on the appropriate approach. You will also find all current information via our online portal.

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Supply chain management