Import support China-Vietnam

Together with our network of producers, specialist wishes or efficient high production are within reach. EWD-Compass not only supports you with advice and know-how, but also plays an active role in achieving your objectives. Our strength is to ensure that, at every stage of your development, you can import high-quality products smoothly and without any problems at an acceptable price.

First contact
Many of our customers have first tried to establish contacts in Asia and do business with local partners, and then have encountered a variety of issues. Whether it concerns agreements that are interpreted differently, negotiations that continue after agreement or quality that does not match the sample at all, it is common. In most cases, the factory turns out not to exist and to be a trader, making the outcome of the trades highly uncertain.

Our sourcing process
In our sourcing process, factories are approached directly, assessed on their capabilities and fit with the customer’s wishes, and we build a relationship with the people behind the company. The personal approach is the only successful one in Asia and creating a situation where there is something to gain for both is fundamental. The right fit is usually not the most modern and largest factory, but the party that likes to think along and develop with the customer. Having a genuine commitment to each other is much more valuable in Asia than the contract that lays down the agreements.

audits You may have already found a factory yourself. Would you like to assess whether it is a suitable supplier? We like to help you!

Quality control
Are you already buying goods in China or Vietnam or are you planning to start buying goods in East Asia? We like to function as the reliable party that checks your goods for you.

Product development
Do you want to develop a new product? Revise an existing product? Or do you want to adjust the materials from which a product is made? Then know that China is an ideal country for these kinds of projects. And we are happy to help you find the right party.

Supply chain management
The balance between supply and demand is a complex playing field at all. We can already see this in a short chain from production to end user. So are you looking for expertise that you can use for a while? Let us know, we’ll be happy to help.

Do you have goods produced in China or Vietnam and do you want to transport them but you do not know the best way to do this? EWD-Compass is happy to help!

If one or more of the above services appeal to you, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.