Steel Constructions

Steel constructions 钢结构施工

The steel constructions that you purchase need to match the highest safety measures and regulations.

Being able to purchase from a reliable source is therefore very important.

EWD-Compass can support you during your search and help you during the process from ordering to delivery.

Steel constructions require high quality standards. Our producers are known to deliver DIN-Standard steel products such as fences, ankers, staircases, railings etcetera.


Your steel projects can be welded, galvanised and powdercoated to order. Using high end techonology machinery, your products can be constructed without any problems.

Wheter you are looking for steel strips, tubes, rods or sheetmetal. The factories that we work with are experienced to process all types of steel.  

Seemless welding, whether it is project based or mass production.

Factories are able to deliver following your requirements, tolerances and radii. 

Does your product need to be galvanised?

Our factories can galvanise up to 16 meters in length.

Customized to your needs, even provided with your own logo! 

Using many years of experience in exporting high volume and any type of odd sized structures.

Whether you are looking at using an open top container, a flatrack or a regular container, EWD-Compass can join forces with our forwarder and the factory to make sure your goods arrive smooth and without damage.

Aluminum die casting 铝压铸件

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Steel casting 铸钢件

Steel casting

Aluminum extrusion 铝型材挤压

Aluminum extrusion


Glassfibre profiles

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