Steel casting

Steel casting 铸钢件

Finding a partner with the same level of standard as yourself can be a challenge. EWD-Compass can support you in your search to find a reliable supplier that can produce your high quality semi-finished or complete steel casted products in Asia.

You are looking for a foundry which can provide you with high quality steel products at low cost?

Our network provides you acces to numerous manufacturers experienced in low pressure steel casting, aluminum die casting and sandcasting of various types of steel and aluminum.

They offfer high quality at low prices by combining lower moulds costs and cheaper labour in Vietnam and China.

Chinese and Vietnamese factories are able to provide you with EU standard alloys.

Base materials such as rods, pipes, strips and sheet metal are easily obtained and customized to your needs.

Steel casting moulds can be produced efficiently in Asia.

Our factories offer a wide selection of choices in terms of finishing your steel cast products. 

Our steel manufacturers are well experienced in both mass production and project based orders. 

Are you interested to find out what we can do for you? Please feel free to contact us directly. 

Glass fibre profiles 玻璃纤维

Glass fibre profiles

Aluminum extrusion 铝型材挤压

Aluminum extrusion

Steel constructions 钢结构施工

Steel constructions


Aluminum die casting

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