Glass fibre reinforced profiles

Glassfibre pulltrusion 玻璃纤维

You are trying to reduce cost while your projects require products that meet up with the highest safety regulations. Producing GRP profiles in China or Vietnam might be the solution for you.

EWD-Compass can guide you from start to finish to reach your target. 

The producers in our network use pulltrusion to manufcature glassfibre reinfored profiles.

Glassfibre mats and threads are dipped in a resin bath after which they are pulled thorugh a custom made mould which forms it to solid and sturdy glass fibre profile.

GRP is a very strong and light material which does not conduct electricity or corrode.

Our producers can provide you with high quality GRP profiles at attractive prices. The low cost moulds require a low level investment to start production.

Compared to extrusion, pulltrusion profiles are formed by pulling glassfibre wire and mats through a resin bath after which they are formed in a set of mutlitple moulds.

After hardening, the profiles can be cut to size. 

Pulltrusion profiles are often used as another option compared to the more common aluminum extrusion profiles.  

Glassfibre reinforced plastic profiles offer a number of positive features.

The pulltruded proifles are tested to be up to three times stronger than steel, GFR profiles are easily installed and applicable to a wide selection of uses. 

Low labour cost and mould costs enable you to produce customised profiles to your standard.

Light weight, easy to install in a short time span.

Glassfibre is an electrical insulator, metal free and non corrosive.

Furthermore, gfr profiles are waterproof, uv resistant, do not react to chemicals and are inflammable and halogen free.  


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