Aluminum extrusion profiles

Aluminum extrusion profiles 铝型材挤压

The current markets require high quality at low prices. You are able to provide your customers with high standard aluminum extrusion parts at attractive costs by producing in China. EWD-Compass can guide you along the way from start to finish. 

Whether you are looking for industrial usage, railings, window sills etcetera. 

Our network gives you access to reliable partners in aluminum extrusion, they can offer you high quality at attractive costs. 


Our producers can provide you with attractive tooling prices.

Aluminum profiles can be extruded in your alloy of choice, with the possibility of powdercoating, anodisation and/or final assembly on the spot. 

The factories that we work with are able to extrude aluminum profiles in various sizes, thicknesses and alloys.

Please contact us to discuss the possibilities. 

Low cost toolings enable you to produce at even lower cost.

Our manufactures keep your moulds in top condition to ensure a longer life span.

Aluminum profiles can be coated to match assembled parts. 

Do you need anodised profiles, our factories are able to apply anodisation in different colors and standards. 

Extrusion profiles can be cut to size within acceptable tolerance.

If needed, the profiles can even be packed and pre-assembled on site.

Extrusion profile MOQ's depend on size and weight per model. EWD-Compass can assist you to negotiate the best MOQ at the best price.

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