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Import support 进口支持

Working with Chinese and Vietnamese manufacturers can give you many benefits. Whether you have specific requests or want to manufacture in an efficient way, EWD-Compass can support you with advice and know-how. This ensures you to import high quality products smoothly and carefree, at an attractive price. 

You are considering importing from China as a serious option to reduce costs, but which partners are reliable? Is the right quality guaranteed? Conducting business in China can be complicated largely because of the language barrier, however, all and any possible issues are remedied with the help of EWD-Compass. 

We support you during the negotiation process to reach a win-win situation for both parties. Are you planning to order and produce in China or Vietnam? EWD-Compass can assist you in making sure the right standards are being followed and do a final quality check before goods are dispatched. Needless to say after your goods are shipped we can handle transport and customs declarations in a smooth and professional way.

You require aluminum parts for your products, these parts need to be carefully produced to fit. EWD-Compass can support you finding the right supplier at the right price. During the process EWD-Compass will assist you from the start until the final delivery to your warehouse.

You are trying to reduce cost while your projects require products that meet up with the highest safety regulations. Producing GRP profiles in China or Vietnam might be the solution for you.

EWD-Compass can guide you from start to finish to reach your target. 

Finding a partner with the same level of standard as yourself can be a challenge. EWD-Compass can support you in your search to find a reliable supplier that can produce your high quality semi-finished or complete steel casted products in Asia.

The current markets require high quality at low prices. You are able to provide your customers with high standard aluminum extrusion parts at attractive costs by producing in China. EWD-Compass can guide you along the way from start to finish. 

The steel constructions that you purchase need to match the highest safety measures and regulations.

Being able to purchase from a reliable source is therefore very important.

EWD-Compass can support you during your search and help you during the process from ordering to delivery.

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