Establish Operations in China

Establish your entity in China 在中国设立企业

There can be several reasons for a European company to set up a business presence in China. If you want to export your product to China, it can be a good idea to open a local sales office. For those who consider importing products from China, setting up your own production facility in China may be the best solution.

There are several business forms for setting up a local business presence in China:

  • RO, Representative Office
  • WFOE, Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise
  • FICE, Foreign-Invested Commercial Enterprise
  • JV Joint Venture

Knowledge of Local Laws and Regulations
Profound knowledge of local laws and regulations is a prerequisite for establishing an operation in China. Our support will enable you to become familiar with all of the ins and outs of administration, banking, permits and registrations. Moreover, EWD-Compass can assist you in hiring qualified Chinese personnel and can permanently monitor the administration and accountancy.
Setting up a local presence isn’t necessary for every company. You can also utilize the EWD-Compass office and staff in Ningbo. Having your own telephone number and website portrays a professional representation of your company.

Completely Transparent
EWD-Compass is not a trader. We focus entirely on the support of companies wishing to conduct import and/or export activities with Chinese companies. This means a fully transparent collaboration, where the interests of your business are our primary concern.
In recent years, we have set up various offices and production facilities, which are fully owned by European companies. Please contact us if you would like to know more about this or would like to receive references.


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