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No matter what kind of business or export you want to develop in China, the expertise of EWD-Compass helps you to determine the right direction for your company. Based on years of experience in the Chinese market, we can guide you to the right business partners. Every situation and every company is unique, we would like to hear your specific wishes. Find out more about the possibilities for European entrepreneurs:

Working with Chinese and Vietnamese manufacturers can give you many benefits. Whether you have specific requests or want to manufacture in an efficient way, EWD-Compass can support you with advice and know-how. This ensures you to import high quality products smoothly and carefree, at an attractive price. 

Do you want to export your product to China? China’s large market and growing economy offers many opportunities for foreign entrepreneurs, but what are the actual opportunities for your industry?

Exporting a European product to China is a big yet exciting step to take. After all, it is a venture that raises many questions. Have you conducted an adequate study of the Chinese market? Does your product offer the quality desired by the Chinese market? Have you checked out whether there actually is a market for your product in China? Are you fully compliant with the local legislation and do you possess all of the necessary documents and certificates?

There can be several reasons for a European company to set up a business presence in China. If you want to export your product to China, it can be a good idea to open a local sales office. For those who consider importing products from China, setting up your own production facility in China may be the best solution.

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