Transport – sector

EWD produces parts and products destined for the transportation and logistical areas.

A sector in which we are also widely active is the transport sector. Do not think of shipping or air freight, but products that are used for the transport of goods.
Whether you are looking for the production of car parts, roll containers for distribution centers, body construction, parts for boats or trains, nothing is too crazy for us.

Various applications require our own approach, together we look with you to select the most efficient and cost-effective production methods.

Within the logistics chain, an important development is underway towards increasing transport of small packages from online sales channels. Parcels are often transported by vans, but fresh goods and inner-city transport are special categories in this chain. The effect? An increasing demand for both internal means of transport and small distribution means. In East Asia we see that the production of light and durable materials is highly developed. When you operate in the transport equipment sector, an Asian manufacturer can certainly offer a solution.

We keep a close eye on weight

At EWD-Compass, we think it is important to properly guide you in the production of means of transport. That is why we are well aware of the various elements that make a means of transport a good product. For example, we know all too well that not only volume, but also weight is a strong determining factor for transport in small vehicles. If you want to have transport equipment produced for aviation, we make sure that weight is taken into account in every step of the development already in the design! 

But there’s more. The use of fibre-reinforced plastics in floors and walls, the use of aluminum instead of steel and the open working of girders and racks are some of the methods for saving weight. We like to think along with you!

Both China and Vietnam can be very interesting. In China, developments have been going on for many years in the field of lightweight transport equipment based on FRP. By combining this with the knowledge of the producers and product owners in Western Europe, unique concepts can be developed. Do you want to develop means of transport using aluminum extrusion and assembly? We also have highly skilled parties in our network for this. For the processing of labour-intensive steel productsVietnam is the perfect location for the various applications. EWD-Compass is happy to help you take the right steps!

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