Plastics and Composites

At EWD-Compass we are well aware of the plastics and composites sector. Fortunately. Because we operate a lot in this industry. Plastics and composites come in many types and applications. This sector contains a wide spectrum of sales markets. From simple consumables to complex components for machines in the high-tech…

Qualitative relationships
The companies we support operate in just as broad a spectrum. Over the years, we have built up quality relationships within the plastics and composites sector, which means that we can provide you with good support in the field of concept development and in the realization of prototypes.

Within our network there are several specialist manufacturers, each of which produces top-level plastics and composites. An example of this is a producer that works with acrylic, PMMA, polycarbonate and HDPE. The products supplied by this producer vary from transparent retaining walls in an infinity pool to sound walls along railways and highways. But we also work with parties that are specialized in techniques such as fiberglass pulltrusion, injection moulding, casting, lamination and laying.

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