Construction and infrastructure

The construction industry is one of the largest Dutch sectors in terms of economic value and number of employees. The share of SMEs is substantially represented in this sector and a clear growth is visible. Many new buildings and renovations of existing buildings promise to be forthcoming in the coming years. This makes innovation a requirement. Sustainability, circularity and construction speed are central to this development. At EWD-Compass we see great opportunities to support the sector in this transition and we are happy to tell you more about it…

Innovations from East Asia
In order for the transition to actually take place, innovation on the part of the supplying industry is a must. Many innovations from East Asia find their way to the Western European market through trade and through multinationals. But there is also a lot to gain for SMEs.

The development of our own products in East Asia is an interesting option, but obtaining pure and only the innovations, directly at the source, can also offer advantages. EWD-Compass is happy to guide its customers in this process.

"Many innovations from East Asia find their way to the European market through trade and via multinationals"

We keep a close eye on developments in the field of construction & infrastructure. We see various developments with our customers: both expansion of production (due to the stock position for construction and the scarcity that has arisen) and the development of sustainability and circularity of products. Some customers provide guarantees of 30 years or more on products in the outdoor area and map the complete carbon footprint of the product’s life cycle.

Product developments
The growing demand for innovative solutions in the field of insulation and fire-resistant materials is also a clear trend in the current market. Because we closely follow these developments, we often know exactly why we have to turn to which producer.

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