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No, we mainly work in China and Vietnam where our offices are located. During extensive research in the markets in the West Asian region, China continues to emerge as the most important market and Vietnam is the most important development market, especially for the products for the sectors in which we are most active.
There are several factors that play a role in being able to give a direct answer to this, such as where is the factory located, what needs to be checked and how much. Are there instruments available for the inspection or is an external lab required, etc.. We kindly ask you to contact us for a free quote that suits your situation.
We are not a forwarder, but we have good contacts with forwarders with whom we can put you in touch. The added value lies in unburdening our customers in areas such as order management, quality control, supply chain management and communication.
We do not have a standard range of what we control, but we focus on the sectors in which we operate. It is best to contact us, then we will be happy to look at the possibilities.
We are not a visa agency, but work closely with a visa agency for our clients. They are specialized in taking care of visas and / or legalizations of all kinds of countries.
We generally do not work with food items, cosmetics, electrical equipment such as telephone, computers or tablets and textiles for the clothing industry.