Transporting fragile products from A to B, that’s how we do it!

Transporting glass is real craftsmanship! A fragile product like glass requires an extra careful approach. Fortunately, that is exactly what we are good at at EWD-Compass: carrying out difficult assignments to the desired result! So when we were asked by a nationally operating company in glass for construction and infrastructure to help us think about the transport of glass from the factories in China to the construction site in the Netherlands, we were immediately triggered! We really wanted to delve further into this.

At EWD-Compass we understand customer perception all too well with regard to these types of projects. We therefore not only assist the customer with factory control and production control. We are also happy to take care of the transport process. And in the case of glass, we know better than anyone that it requires special equipment and a lot of attention.

Close contact
For us, that extra attention comes from very close contact with the factory, forwarder and the shipping companies. From EWD-Compass we monitor the process from A to Z. Together we ensure that the containers arrive at the construction site in the Netherlands within a predetermined time slot. Not an easy route. Unbelievably interesting.

The biggest trick within such a project remains: clear communication, genuine collaboration, continuous anticipation, thinking ahead and sketching a plan A and a plan B several times in the process. When we work in this way, there is a solution for even the most difficult tasks. Always. We firmly believe in that.