The step from Europe to Asia

In 2017 we came into contact with a designer who supplies and installs stainless steel network products. This one had been doing that for years. And it went well! There was only one problem. The designer got to the point that his products became too expensive for the market. This caused him to miss orders. That's a shame, of course, especially if something like this isn't really necessary. It turned out that the party in question had been buying on the European market for years and it was clearly time to explore the East Asian market. We could of course help you with that…

SWe started a sourcing project together with the customer, in which we immediately started looking for suitable, high-quality players in China. That was quite easy, because at EWD-Compass we have years of experience with stainless steel; a material that is widely used in the Chinese market. And so we were able to switch quickly.

Smaller order quantity
During our sourcing process we came across various potential factories. Several parties turned out to meet our requirements in terms of quality. The difficulty in this case lay in the quantity that one wanted and could produce. The customer was initially looking for a somewhat smaller order. We found a supplier who found this no problem at all. A factory audit followed and then final production could begin.

From quotations to quality control & delivery
It has been more than 4 years since this customer placed the first order via EWD-Compass. And to this day we enjoy working together. We carry out the entire process for this designer; we take care of everything from preparing quotations to placing orders, and from communication with the local producer to quality control and also the final delivery to the customer.

Customization with the capital C
There is still a great challenge in our collaboration. Because we are talking about products that require customization! Each order has a different size and must also be produced in different quantities and meters. And then there are also different types of stainless steel finishes. By having a local presence in China, we can quickly connect with the supplier via EWD-Compass. Effective supply chain management is of the utmost importance due to the different sizes, quantities and meters. Every project is different and so every project has to be viewed and treated with a new keen eye and new curiosity. That is exactly what we like to do at EWD-Compass…

"By having a local presence in China, we can quickly connect with the supplier via EWD-Compass."

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