Sourcing and delivering at full speed, even during Chinese New Year

As usual, we started with a search for suitable producers, we spoke with several parties and we looked at where the best opportunities lay. But what was special about sourcing for this customer: the final products had to be delivered just after the Chinese New Year. Because exactly that is the season in which equipment is exchanged. This was a challenge! Although it turned out to be an opportunity…

  • Transportation

  • 40”HQ containers for a great price
Using our current knowledge and experience in the field of production methods and the right knowledge of Chinese culture, we were able to collect various good offers in China through our existing partners. The production of dozens of 40”HQ containers could be started almost immediately. Everything on time And although the Chinese New Year certainly caused problems (which we are happy to solve), we have ensured, among other things, through good cooperation with our carrier that all products are neat and on time during the high peak season. were extradited.

    Always look further
    Apart from the Chinese offers, we have also started sourcing processes in Vietnam. Vietnam has a more favorable import regulation within this product segment. So we were able to import the same products from Vietnam at a lower import tariff. Very favorable for a possible follow-up order! At EWD-Compass we like to think ahead and always work with you. That creates opportunities. And now let’s love that.

    "EWD-Compass strengthens itself by anticipating, we provide a drawing with specifications and they do the rest."