EWD-Compass as your reliable partner in Asia

Being present in several places at the same time is simply not feasible. Unless you ask for help! That is exactly what one of our customers did, who supplies high-quality products for Corten steel. This party was not able to go to China to perform a factory audit or quality control at the current supplier. That is why they looked for a reliable partner with experience in China to do all this for them. They found us.

We took over both the factory audit and the quality control with a big smile and both hands from them. At EWD-Compass, we are more than happy to fulfill the role of a reliable party to control quality. Our network of professionals in the Chinese and Vietnamese market helps us with this on a daily basis. In this way we can switch quickly and always meet a high standard.

Sourcing trajectory
At EWD-Compass we strive for the utmost efficiency. Both in terms of costs and in terms of delivery. This aim came in handy when our customer indicated that, in addition to audit checks, it was also looking for new potential suppliers in China or Vietnam. We ensured that various factories were tested on various points in a short time. This enabled us to properly assess whether they could achieve the quality our customer was looking for.

Ensuring quality requirements
Due to the nature of the product, the customer made high demands on quality. Corten steel is a very challenging material. That is no problem for us, because at EWD-Compass we are used to checks within a wide, often technical, range of goods. We eventually found two factories that met both our and the customer’s requirements. We also provide quality assurance for these new producers by means of our checks. So a 360 degree collaboration. Exactly what we are good at.