Have EWD-Compass perform quality checks on your productions, locally

At EWD-Compass we like to take work off your hands. But if we can take worry off our hands, it makes us even happier. One of our customers, an importer of high-quality fiberglass components and grids, often operates in the petrochemical and maritime industry. Interesting branches, but branches with complicated challenges every now and then. EWD-Compass was asked to help with control and transport. Of course we were only too happy to do that. And not only because this way our customer had one less thing to worry about, also because in this way we could count on a challenging new project, which made our heart beat faster until our own. So win-win.

Local presence
Thanks to our local presence in East Asia, we were able to help the importer build a high-quality platform. We made sure pre-assembly parts were checked at source. That’s where we put our best people on, because we wanted this technical project to be perfect down to the last detail.

Higher quality products
We also carefully supervised the transport to the next location. The combination of inspection in the factory itself and transport supervision ensured that our customer needed one less intermediary. In addition, our intervention allowed the customer to continue to focus on the production itself and quality controls abroad. And that led to an overview, focus and ultimately better quality products