Efficient, economical and sustainable quality assurance

On a daily basis, we monitor the quality requirements set (and adjusted) on the European market at our producers in Asia. Recently we were allowed to do this for a customer who has its products produced in Ningbo. This nationally operating top player in outdoor lighting for construction and infrastructure is not only interested in quality and efficiency, but also demands ambition in the field of sustainability. Our local team there is trained to recognize customer requirements day in and day out and implement them in the Chinese factories.

Close monitoring
In addition to having a team on location in Ningbo, we also regularly travel to the Chinese factories for the customer in question, together with a Dutch expertise bureau. There we conduct various factory audits ourselves , we conduct periodic random checks and we conduct data studies. In this way we ensure that we keep our finger on the pulse for our customer and that, if necessary, we can adjust the production process in a timely manner. In this way, the production processes mediated by us are always in line with European certification standards. 

Count it to your advantage

We encourage all our customers to apply quality assurance wherever possible. This is because factory processes are improved in terms of purchasing as well as efficiency, economic benefit, production planning and waste management. In addition, quality assurance by an external party, such as EWD-Compass, offers an opportunity to keep a close eye on the sustainability of a production process. Sustainability is a top priority at EWD-Compass and we are therefore fully aware of new developments in the market such as circularity, environmental indexes and waste management. 

Towards a circular economy

With various accounts, including our customer who produces in Ningbo, we are busy maintaining the efficiency and more sustainable techniques in addition to the quality of the production and, if possible, even improving it. The zero-waste methodology is also beginning to gain traction in China and Vietnam. And we notice that Asia, to stay in the race, is really getting more and more involved in the European LCA ratings.

  • Relatively sustainable transport

    The misconception we often encounter is that transport puts a lot of pressure on ultimate sustainability. Various calculation models and research show that transport via today’s container ships, on balance, leaves a smaller carbon footprint per product than the standard low-capacity transport options by road from European suppliers. In addition, we are working hard on more efficient packaging methods and the container space is used to the maximum. Even used pallets in the Netherlands are given a new destination. 

    Green production

    Waste management is applied time and again to our production processes. We apply reuse and aim for maximum output with the lowest possible consumption. In addition, we source from recycled materials as well as recyclable materials. In this way, we are already taking the first sustainability step at the source of the production process.

    Working Method

    EWD-Compass operates on the basis of years of knowledge and knows its way around East Asia very well. We like to work as a full partner and moderator within your project. In this role we offer support to our European customers. We always ensure that the Dutch requirements and wishes are literally translated into our own Chinese or Vietnamese culture and language. Because only in this way, or so we believe at EWD-Compass, will we achieve the right actions and results.

    "We are already taking the first sustainability step at the source of the production process."

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