Producing a challenging product in East Asia

A few years ago, EWD-Compass embarked on an adventure with a large consumer of challenging steel products within the European market. Because although we do not turn our backs on the production of a simple product in China and Vietnam, very specific wishes and requirements were involved with these products. Nice! We had to deal with a real challenge with this customer!

The customer in question was looking for an experienced party with connections in East Asia. After some asking around, researching and discussing, she eventually ended up at EWD-Compass. And we're just happy about that. Because since 2019 we have been able to support this customer in the field of sourcing, quality checks, negotiations, product developments and ultimately transport in custom-made crates.

Technically complicated
To what extent was this a complicated product? The conically welded tube parts with attachments and extension parts had to flow seamlessly into each other even after galvanisation, whereby fit, strength and a beautiful finish had to lead to a correct end product. Not exactly an apple and egg. The function of this product stands or falls with the correct production methods. 

Knowledge and experience

Fortunately, at EWD-Compass we have the knowledge and experience in-house to guarantee high-quality production, even for these types of challenging products. Moreover, we have a local presence, which means that we are well aware of the cultural relationships and therefore switch quickly with the local entrepreneurs. All this has ensured that we were able to source various suppliers for our customer in both China and Vietnam. This group of suppliers, each with its own expertise and through knowledge sharing, ensured that after a few test phases we arrived at a solid and sustainable end product.

Communication as the greatest asset

Within EWD-Compass we see communication as one of the key points that connect all things. Professional and careful communication ensures the translation of wishes and requirements into production that is correct. Moreover, we are continuously looking for new opportunities, so that we can add value and produce more efficiently and economically. Of course we are also there to jump in and help if something does not go as planned. We enjoy working with customers who want to tap into a new product category together and therefore want to embark on the adventure. Jumping in at the deep end, discovering new routes and walking new paths is what we love to do.