Low production costs, high margin

Some customers continue to inspire us. This also applies to this party, which ensures that an average of 1000 tons of steel per year is imported from Asia. 1000 tons! We have been a partner in this process for more than 10 years. Initially, this player was looking for a serious partner in Asia to keep production costs as low as possible and that is where our joint adventure started. 

Why this party had its eyes on Asia? Asia was an obvious choice as labor is an important factor in the production of their products. We managed to find a good batch in China and later production was moved to Vietnam. At EWD-Compass we are always looking for the very best match. And so, after an interim sourcing process, we ended up with several potential candidates. 

Accurate sourcing

After visiting the factories together with the customer from the Netherlands, the selected candidates were carefully examined and assessed. Factories familiar with metal processing, especially welding, stamping and laser cutting, were subjected to various tests to assess whether they achieved the level that our customer was looking for.

Efficiency gain
We found a candidate who could match this level. But then came the following: it also had to be more efficient than the initial production at home in Europe. That turned out to be possible. The material knowledge of our employees with regard to these products made it possible to make the local production possibilities more efficient. This enabled us to improve both the output and the margin for the manufacturer and the customer.

Completely unburdened

But our service didn’t stop there. We also took care of matters such as order size, stock management and ideal transport methods for safe and easy unloading in the Netherlands.

One of the largest players

This valuable customer recently let slip that, in their view, partly due to the collaboration with EWD-Compass and the resulting product personalization, plus a constant flow of goods from Asia, they have been able to position themselves as one of the largest players in the market. See, those are the words we do it for.

"We couldn't have achieved these flawless production capacities without EWD"