Intercultural relations and an eye for detail

At the beginning of 2015, one of the largest players in young livestock housing knocked on the door of EWD-Compass. A company engaged in the design, distribution and production of pens for young livestock. The factories in China and Vietnam help them with the laying and spraying of fiberglass. EWD-Compass supports this player in improving production processes, risk management, strengthening its competitive position and securing the production flow. To achieve this, EWD-Compass sourced a back-up manufacturer for the production of young stock houses. We found the right party in Vietnam.

EWD-Compass went in search of a number of suitable parties. They all made an offer and then a number of audits took place in consultation with the customer. At EWD-Compass we understand all too well that certainty with regard to responsible production according to the right standards is of great importance. So we set the bar pretty high. A factory was chosen to produce a successful sample. This factory was visited by the customer himself prior to the closing of the deal, so that he could see with his own eyes where it ended up.

Relationship management

In addition, we made use of the communicative qualities of our local employees, so that we could build relationships in the right way. Finally, we introduced the specifications of the different products with an eye for detail, so that the backup manufacturer knew exactly what to do. The production processes were also refined at a later date.

"This factory turned out to be so successful that they have now become our primary supplier"

Down to the last detail
After an intensive start-up period, we introduced various products at the factory. The prototypes were individually tested and fine-tuned to a production-worthy result, each by means of good knowledge from the customer itself, in collaboration with the EWD professionals involved.

Together with the local population

We made sure that everything was communicated on site with the local Vietnamese manufacturer. That is, our EWD employees spoke to them in their own language and ensure that communication was transparent and clear. We always use this personal and careful approach. It delivers visibly better results during production and post production QC checks, which EWD performs before the transport route starts.

Full partner
The daily guidance and weekly visits to the factory from the office in Ho Chi Minh have ensured that our customer has found a full partner in this new supplier. In fact, this factory turned out to be so successful that they have now switched positions with the original manufacturer, who had been serving the customer for more than 2 decades.