Importing machines from China – Vietnam

Importing different machines from China, was the question whether we could do that! And he was asked not by just any party, but by a rising celebrity; a name to keep an eye on in the food industry. You see: we were intrigued and were immediately ready to find out how we could help this party as best as possible…

After we sat down with the customer for a while, we found out that they were looking for machines for new production methods. The idea? They wanted to introduce a completely new end product on the Dutch market. Something had to come that didn’t exist yet. A challenging search ensued. But those are the best quests, if you ask us!

Online factory visit
Our both deep and broad network in China came in handy once again. The local EWD Compass employees found and visited various potential suppliers. The customer was taken into the factories online, via a live connection. And from there the negotiations started.

Innovation first

We are still very proud and happy to be able to guide this customer in the search for the best suitable factory. This way, this impressive player within the European food industry can keep production in its own hands and, moreover, continue to perfect it. This offers new opportunities and possibilities in the field of innovation. Both for the customer in question and for any future parties.

"By working with EWD, we are no longer dependent on third parties and we retain control ourselves."