Import blowmoulded products

When a large distributor of blow molded articles approached us to find a new production solution for an existing product, we were immediately enthusiastic. This is the kind of challenge we love. The problem: In certain acidities, the steel product no longer scored sufficiently for durability. So we looked together for an option that was kinder to the environment and more positive for everyday use.

We started with our well-known and proven sourcing process, where our many years of experience and knowledge came in handy. We then proceeded to factory audits, built new relationships, and together with the customer and manufacturer introduced an improved product that was also produced through a more efficient production process.

Just a puzzle
The beauty of a sourcing process? The outcome is always a surprise. We see sourcing as a puzzle. The process is only complete for us when all the pieces are present and in the right place. Then production can start. Sometimes the right pieces are closer than you think. Likewise in this case. Because after we had already checked various manufacturers in both China and Vietnam, it turned out that one of our polymer experts within the EWD-Compass team knew a Vietnamese blow molding expert personally. And this was exactly the contact we needed. By means of blow molding, the steel product in question could be replaced by a more durable and cheaper product. So a typical win-win.

"Blow molding enabled the steel product to be replaced by a more durable and cheaper product!"

In addition to the sourcing itself, one of the customer’s wishes was to have the products personalised. Here too we helped the customer. The products are all equipped with branding that remained clearly visible despite the intensive daily use and maintenance of the products.

Quality assurance

Finally, we ensured that quality assurance was also implemented by providing all articles with batch numbers and production stamps. For example, the productions and batches can be kept separate. Always handy when the customer detects an error somewhere or is extremely satisfied with a certain batch.

New, better, cheaper

In short: we managed to find a new and more economical way of production for one of our customers, whereby we were able to improve and guarantee the quality of the product.