EWD-Compass facilitates growth opportunities

In 2016, EWD-Compass helped an innovative player in the field of floor renovation with the growth of the company. We started small. Initially, this player was looking for a way to perform quality control. That's where our paths crossed. At the time we met, the party in question was already purchasing its products directly from China. But there was a need for more control over the quality of the purchased products. Together we developed a control report, on the basis of which we carry out quality checks to this day. At EWD-Compass, high-quality products are of paramount importance. So we like to look for good, better, best together with the customer. But our cooperation does not stop at quality control. After only one year of quality control cooperation.

Due to enormous growth on the customer side, they no longer wanted to be dependent on one supplier. The EWD-Compass network was approached and together we went looking for a party that could meet our customer's standards. We performed a factory audit at various suppliers and the reports of this were shared with the customer, including our advice. One factory in particular aroused interest. And so samples were requested there. These met the wishes of the customer and so the choice for this new factory was a fact.

The right support
Thanks to our knowledge of the product, we have been able to offer the customer the right support. Thanks to our knowledge of the material, the experience in searching for the perfect match and testing the products, the customer now receives products of the right standard.

Unburdening in the entire process
But our help didn’t stop there. To this day, we are still responsible for the entire process at the factory in question: communication, orders, checks and deliveries. At the other supplier, we still support the customer in terms of quality control. We do this both when the products are ready and when the products are loaded into the container. We feed the results of these checks back to the customer time and again in the form of a complete report.

Fun and a ton of experience
Together with this innovative party, we set up a quality management system and found a back-up factory. As a result, our customer has and continues to have the opportunity to grow. The customer now purchases an average of 4 containers per month! Two at each factory. Due to the nature of the product, this customer places high demands on quality. Justifiably! This party has come to the right place with us. Because we are used to checking technical goods. And the result? That is because of the tailor-made control every time as it should be. Just the way we like to see it. You can therefore confidently submit quality checks to us. We are happy to help you with a lot of experience to get the most out of your production.