Damage control!

There is nothing more frustrating than complaints about your carefully developed product! In the past, a customer received negative comments about their products. There were optical problems. Fortunately, the technical functionality was still fine. But visually, the coating no longer showed sufficient quality. Time to act…

EWD Compass was engaged. And in collaboration with the customer, we started an intensive process in which a completely new pre-treatment process was set up. First of all, we found out where things went wrong in the process. Because from there we could look for a suitable solution. Nothing was left to chance in this regard. Our local people visited the factory in question and together with the producers we quickly identified the gap in the process. Next step: solve the problem.

Every problem is there to be solved
The solution was quickly sketched out on paper, but of course it is especially important that such a solution also works in practice. That is why EWD-Compass went looking for the very best European qualicoat experts. They visited the factories time and time again. A very thorough test period took place. During the visits to the factories, strict care was taken to ensure that the optical quality of the product was actually raised to a higher level!

Nice side effect
In the end, together with our customer, we arrived at a beautiful end product. And a nice side effect: we immediately took a close look at all of our customer’s other products from this manufacturer, products about which there were absolutely no complaints, but which we wanted to include in our optimization process while we were at it. A very large part of our customer’s range was given a boost in this way.

Reinforced position
In addition, for all its customers, the factory has benefited from the careful research carried out by EWD-Compass in 2018. All injection molded products made and coated in this factory have been produced at a significantly higher level since then. The position of both customer and manufacturer has been strengthened by this optimization. And that creates extra confidence for the future. Win-win right?

"Due to a good cooperation, the quality in our growing market has not only been improved, but also guaranteed!"