Cost savings by bundling

We were allowed to use our well-known production channels for good advice for a well-known vehicular body builder. In concrete terms: we proposed to sell similar profiles and surface-mounted installations in the same quality but for a better price than that of the competition. How did we do that? Read more below…

In the case of an assembly in which mainly aluminum extrusion profiles are processed, advantages are mainly achieved in the large numbers and the considerable differences in labour-intensive finishing operations. In this case, for example, we looked at options with regard to sawing to length, drilling various hole patterns or recesses, (partial) coating or anodization and ultimately combined welding constructions. And therein lay the profit!

All under one roof

This assignment lends itself so well to the East Asian market because companies in Europe often focus on only one of the above specialties. In Asia we often see that a job like this is easier to outsource. Here various companies can take on all the above tasks. This saves our customer both (recurring) transport as well as time and money. In addition, additional savings are also made through the favorable wages in Asia. 

Efficient sea transport
Of course the production still has to come to the Netherlands, but by putting together an ideal order and keeping a close eye on the transport size, we were able to create a streamlined and efficient way of sea transport for this customer.