100% waterproof

Anyone who works with electronics in the open air will have to deal with IP values. For many technical customers, being able to guarantee watertightness is of great importance. They went looking for alternatives to be able to guarantee 100% of their product and the accompanying seal against water. We were able to help them with that.

In order to provide our customer with the best options, we set up a sourcing process. It is something we do often and in which we have more than 20 years of experience. We now know exactly which steps we need to take to find the right supplier.

Careful selection
Once again, the EWD-Compass team went to work like a well-oiled machine. We made a selection of well-regarded factories and factories that we already thought highly of ourselves. These factories were, of course, individually visited and assessed, which reduced the final selection to about X lots that we presented to the customer. The factories were visited together with the customer and from there the most suitable and therefore definitive partner was chosen.

Taking work out of your hands
But of course we don’t stop there. EWD-Compass took over the price negotiations and ensured that both production and transport could be fully arranged. In addition, the connection of EWD-Compass China and EWD-Compass Vietnam gave our customer the opportunity to use the short lines with testing agencies such as TUV Rheinland, SGS, Bureau Veritas for local (initial) testing. That way we knew for sure that the product was 100% in order even before it was shipped to the Netherlands.

Looking for opportunities
It is a good example of how we at EWD-Compass always look for opportunities for you to contact relevant parties, if possible in the country of origin. In this way we can more often than not realize combinations of production and assembly. In this way we support our local partners and, above all, it is nice: in this way we ultimately save you as a customer both time and money. And that saving is always a bonus!

"Not only ensuring a smooth production, but also thinking along in applications is extra valuable to us"